How NaN generates

Basic arithmetic
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-cite: Numerical Computation Guide

Math operation (part of cuda math)

Input data are not in the range

acos, acosh,asin, atanh, erfcinv, log2/10/ , sqrt, normcdfinvf

special inputs -> nan

fma(0*inf, or inf-inf)
fmod(+-inf, y), fmodf(x, 0)
jn(n, x) = NaN if n<0
pow(x, y) if y is not integer
remainder(x, +-0) = NaN
remainder(inf, y) = NaN

Propagate NaN

max/min(NaN, NaN)
fmod(NaN, y) or fmod(x, NaN)'
j0/j1/jn(NaN) = NaN
nextafterf(x, y) = NaN if either x or y is NaN

Not propagate NaN

max/min(x, NaN) where x is not NaN
hypotf(+-inf, NaN) = inf
ilogb(NaN) = INT_MIN
norm3d, norm4d, norm if either of the parameters is inf, it will return inf even if there exists NaN
pow(1, NaN) = 1, pow(NaN, +-0) = 1