FPChecker and FLiT Analysis -- tiny

Clean run

Follow FLiT -- the process to run the program you want to evaluate to make a clean run, Script to run Paranoia in both clang++12 and FPChecker from the scratch may lead a quick setup.

Run with FPChecker

Here, we set

in the clang type, binary=FPC_INSTRUMENT=1 clang++-fpchecker

Run with clang++

Here, we set

in the clang type, binary=/home/xinyi/llvm/llvm12/bin/clang++

Generate files we want to analyze

.fpc_logs for and fpchecker running

Use script to find the lines involve viability

The lines detected are {133, 427, 115, 538, 252}, which is corresponding to {subnormal,xMinusX,FtoDecToF,xPc1EqC2,addSub}
Used in #If comparison 0 not detected by FPChecker

csv files

tiny_fpc_non_rand.csv and tiny_clang_non_rand.csv

All entries where comparsion!=0, remove random tests.
Used in #Compare the variability in clang and fpchecker and Used in #Run trace_compare

tiny_fpc_comparsion0.csv and tiny_clan_comparsion.0csv

All entries where comparsion=0, remove random tests.
Used in #Run trace_compare


Compare the variability in clang and fpchecker


They should be same because using FPChecker compiler doesn't influence the computations


They are the same after we remove the random cases. One thing needed to be noticed is that there's one break in clang.

If comparison=0 not detected by FPChecker?

No. addSub is not random and the comparison is always 0, but still involve

If comparsion=0, should there exists similar events?

Run trace_compare

One simple case

Pasted image 20211103120032.png
Pasted image 20211103120219.png
We want to compare the files where the configuration has 1 difference but the comparsion change to non-zero from zero.